Disambigous in two languages: Aspen

An Aspen Tree in my mothers field where the cows are staying during the summer


Yesterday was my birthday, it was a really nice day, I made to many muffins and my friends came and we tried to eat them all. From my dearest siblings I got a humoristic little book concerning a phenomena called ”Göteborgshumor”. More about Göteborgshumor another time. But the bottom line with this particular kind of humor is that it is silly and plays with words. This thing with the Aspen tree for example could be an veritable hot bed for Göteborgsskämt.

And Aspen combined with total sillyness always makes me think of this:

Aspen (the sea in the south west of Sweden)

Aspen (the town in Colorado)

Aspen (the tree)

Aspen (the fish)

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