Food from the Seventies: Falukorv i Ugn

Swedish Lightly-Smoked Bologna Sausage with onion, apple & cheese, baked in the oven.

Food from the Seventies

If You Google ”Falukorv i ugn” = (Swedish Lightly-Smoked Bologna Sausage in the Oven), you get 11.100 hits. This is not bad for a dish which are the complete opposite of ”healthy” or ”trendy” and generally considered as some kind of guilty plesure comfort food or something that kids and bachelors prefers. The former because of its utter lack of spices and other dangerous things, the latter because it is easy to cook.

Due to my measureless generosity I decided to surprise my family with some genuine, everyday, all-ages-friendly food in the middle of Boxing Week. The infamous ”Falukorv i ugn”. It’s one of those dishes I have trouble understanding how they were invented in the first place. I mean, Falukorv perforated with onion, apple wedges and on top of that sweet mustard and cheese. And don’t forget to pour a can of crushed tomatos in the curve of the ”korv”. And gratinate!
Crazyfood! But it is Lovely!

Note that if You would like photograph your own ”Falukorv i ugn”, make sure that the colors make the dish look kind of untasty and yellow or just generally gross.

More facts about Falukorv at Wikipedia

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