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Ibland hittar jag en koloni med Sälgsandbin!

Sälgsandbi, Björkvik, Södermanland, april, 2015

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Björken/The creation

Snart ses vi igen!

Mammas Menageri: Regnbågens Glimma, Svea Hund, Katten Syster och några får.

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The Calico Cat

The cow

A specimen of Swedish Red Cattle on a field in Södermanland, Sweden

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Summer Stream VS Winter Creek and so forth

Animated gif illustrating summer to winter by the creek.

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Dog, Brother, Love, Snow, Gif

My dearest Dog, Brother and horse in the snow playing like they are kids, though they are not! Gif

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Opposite agendas in Christmas fog: Mother and Dog.

Meteorolgical Phenomenons in Glindran, Björkvik, Sweden.

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Gazebo Hibernating, or maybe cryosleeping!

Hibernating Gazebo, waiting for warm air and sweet issues

The Hibernating Gazebo

Out walking I came across this little structure, a Gazebo. The etymology of the word Gazebo seemes clody, but it is a really nice word, and nice thing aswell.

I actually think I’m going to build something like this. A Pavillion. Sometime, somewhere it will happen!

Gazebo on Wikipedia

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Mother and Son, debating or something like that.

Mother and Son of the Fjord Horse

This is Mother & Son, Tekla & Ivan.
Tekla is kind of yellow, or ljusbrunblack (Brown Dun) and Ivan, her son, is musblack (Blue Dun).

Outside the image somewhere lurks Dolly and Glimma, who would never sink to the young ones silly level.

Read more about the Fjord Horse at Wikipedia