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Conkers expecting to fall

Autumn YES! Equals Conker & Skull Gloves.

Autumn YES! Animated gif. Conker & Skullgloves.

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1958 Chevrolet Impala –Big Red, wallpaper

1958 Chevrolet Impala –Big Red, wallpaper
This is a really fine car. The later Chevrolets are not quite so fantastic, so let’s stick to one!

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Boat on boat

Smart architectural detail

Cat listening to the radio

The rain trick

The Rain Trick: Wait until the rain stops, use a camera lens with 2.8 or less or something like it, take the photo against the light, really close-up!

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The cat: 28°C

This is how we roll!

We are taking a walk on the premises. In a group and we’re not really talking. It’s nice.

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