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A clean machine

A clean machine are a great joy for its humble operator!

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Tulip Noir, Gif Black & White

An experiment with form and light. No color.
I stumbled up on this Gaffer, lead light technician on a film project, and further the word ”Gaffatejp” or Gaffatape and its explanation. Brilliant!

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Wrapped Coast, hommage on Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Saltholmen, Gothenburg

Is this Something, or something?
Hommage a Christo & Jeanne-Claude -Wrapped Coast

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Absolutely nothing, less than zero

Hopeless days, in reality and in expressions of artists, Less than zero

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The Car Park Ballet Dancer

Gif showing someone helping someone parking their car.

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I made it for Insane Winter Wonderland!

The Meadow down by the lake unrecognizable unde all the snow.

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My Daily Bread

Gunnilse, Göteborg

Gå längs en å

Lärjeån, Göteborg